Artistic Ink Testimonials

Kao did an amazing job on my feet! I came in with a tattoo idea with a saying below it. Kao and Jeff consulted me and told me that it just wouldn't work the way I was thinking. Showed me a better way to do it. My tattoo turned into 2 tattoos and I've never been happier! I would recommend these guys highly to anyone who wants a GREAT tattoo done by a professional artist!


Thanks a million guys!

Scotty Baker
Guntersville, AL





I wanted to get a tattoo done by Jeff. Jeff gave my mom a tattoo years ago. She passed when I was younger and wanted Jeff to give me a tattoo since he did mom's. Kao ended up doing mine since Jeff has been really busy lately with his newborn baby. I'm just really glad I got to have it done at the same place as my mom, and he did a really great job. It turned out even better than I imagined, and I'm really happy with it.


Thanks a million guys!

Ashleigh Worley
Fyffe, AL