Kao Kikuyama

I moved to Guntersville, Alabama the day after Christmas 2005, Needing a change of pace and scenery from North Carolina. Along with my wife Sarah and my 2 girls, we made the trip down here and now its 6 years later…. Then a few years ago we put down the Electric Machines in light of something different and then there was Air power…..

With the addition of the Neumas to the tattooing arsenal, changes had to be made. A complete change in style and direction both art based and tattoo based. Upon hitting a 17yr mark in tattooing I had decided that it was time to start a different path in tattooing. Going to more of a diverse style that I have been able to adapt to all types of designs. Putting aside my Japanese heritage and the artwork that I had grown up loving, replacing it with something bold and more imaginative. Bright colors, and a mix of traditional and new school styles. I try and draw almost every tattoo that I do, giving customers and individualized piece specific to them. I have tattooed in California, North Carolina, Okinawa, and other places around the world during my tour in the Marine Corps. Here at Artistic Ink we are still going strong, putting out the best tattoo work in the Area.



You can see a few examples below, or click here to see full gallery.